About Express Jet Car Wash

We aim for the sky with our customer service

Our mission at Express Jet Car Wash is to provide a genuinely pleasant and satisfying experience to each of our customers. Our goal is to develop a trusting relationship with you, defined by honesty, integrity and fairness. Your time is precious, and we will not waste it. Your automobile is valued, and we will not abuse it. Your trust is essential, and we will work hard to earn it. Your satisfaction is our greatest desire, and we mean to provide it.

At Express Jet we aim to recruit individuals who reflect our values and share an enthusiasm to work as a team with one common goal: to provide the best possible experience for both customers and co-workers.

At Express Jet we appreciate how important your time is. Through extensive staff training, we ensure prompt, quality service. By providing easy access to our services, we allow you to quickly get in and out. Through our web site, we offer extended customer support by providing 24/7 access to our products, information and feedback opportunities.

We bring to you one of the most advanced car wash sites in the area. Our automated pay stations not only greet you as you arrive they allow you to choose which wash fits your needs without being pressured by a cashier. As you enter our tunnel you will be guided onto our conveyor buy one of our friendly crew members, please follow their instructions. Look to your right and notice our confirmation sign that confirms the wash package you selected. From here you can sit back and relax for the ride as you entrust your car to a combination of computer-controlled sprays and equipment that comes on at the precise time as your car is tracked through it's entire journey. Express Jet uses Micro-Clean cloth and Neoglide material both regarded as the best in the industry to clean and shine your car.

Express Jet offers the best bang for the buck delivering a great wash like no other in the area, all in under 3 minutes. Vacuums are always free with the purchase of a wash. We offer micro-fiber towels to touch up your car and free window cleaner. We also provide a free floor mat cleaner for those dirty mats and if all that FREE FREE FREE doesn't excite you read about our frequent flyer unlimited wash program. We have eliminated any excuse for a dirty car.

When you wash at Express Jet Car Wash, you're helping conserve water and dispose of soap and chemicals through environmentally safe methods. It's true- pollution generated from a driveway car wash goes down storm drains-meaning untreated chemicals are discharged into area streams and rivers. Express Jet Car Wash uses biodegradable chemicals. We dispose of our waste by removing most solids and directly disposing of the remaining liquids into the sanitary sewer system where they are properly treated and processed. We also recycle 85% of the water we use through a PurWater Reclaim System. So with Express Jet Car Wash, not only are you doing something good for your car, you're doing something good for the environment!