Vehicle Restrictions

Your vehicle's safety is our number one concern

Vehicles we can't wash:

  • Vehicles at a height greater than 7'2"
  • Trucks with beds containing fuel tanks
  • Trucks with uncovered beds that are not completely empty
  • Trucks with uncovered beds containing any kind of debris
  • Trucks with dual rear tires
  • Vehicles with permanently affixed, tripod-style mirrors
  • Vehicles with excessive body damage
  • Trucks/vans with ladders
  • Vehicles with large ladder racks
  • Vehicles lower than 4" to the ground
  • Vehicles with tires wider than 13.5"
  • Vehicles with excessive mud

We are not responsible for:

  • Antennas that are not lowered or removed
  • Pre-existing Damage
  • Parts of the vehicle that are loose, rusted, cracked
  • Open or leaking windows
  • Vehicle emblems
  • Wheel covers or center caps
  • Non-factory parts or modifications including paint
  • Magnetic decals
  • Moon roofs, sun roofs, bug shields, window shields, and/or glass
  • Vehicles with bike racks, ski racks, roof racks or rear-mounted racks (Must be removed)
  • Vehicle molding/weather strips
  • Collisions due to breaking or driving while in car wash tunnel
  • Spare tire covers
  • Electrical issues
  • Vehicles 10 years or older

Please check with one of our friendly crew members if you still have concerns before entering our wash.