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4-step process that gives your car our deepest cleaning & longest lasting shine

Forces water to bead aiding vision while driving in wet conditions

3 color conditioner that aids in cleaning and provides that extra shine

Our equipment targets your underside to safely rinse away salt or road grime

Underbody rinse plus rust inhibitor to aid in protecting metal surfaces under your car

We gently apply a special chemical to safely remove bugs from your cars surface

Real carnauba wax applied over your entire car Read More

Gives tires shiny gloss

Turbo charge your drying *Not available at Roanoke location.

Knock out unwanted odors

Aids in extra drying and buffs your cars flat surfaces *Not available at Roanoke location

Improve your vehicle's synthetic protection with this fast-acting acrylic sealant

Blast away brake dust & road grime to make your wheels look their best


We offer five levels of professional car washes, from our Coach Class value wash that cleans your car's exterior to our premium Captains Special wash that includes everything we offer and ends with our state of the art Buff & Dry (Lynchburg Location). Every wash includes free unlimited use of our industrial vacuums! Free mat cleaner! Free window cleaner and available micro fiber towels